Covid-19 Shirts

We have a wide selection of Covid-19 Shirts.  Whether it is to support someone in the health field, help unite the nation, that mom that is struggling with home school or the senior that is missing their senior year in High School we have you covered.   We are all struggling right now during the global pandemic, as a small business it has really affected us.  As of March 25th we have closed our store per Indiana government orders to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.  We hope to be able to reopen April 7th, 2020.  However, you can still order online and we will ship item to you or you can pick up once the store opens back up.  Please remember to support your small local business rather than the large chains and shipping fulfillment stores, they will survive however your small businesses may not during this difficult time.  

Even though this is a bad time for small businesses, Mark and I want to do our part to help.  A percentage of each sale of Covid-19 Shirt orders will be used to do something special for the local elderly in the nursing home who are on lockdown and can't see their loved ones or the staff at a hospital or maybe both depending on sales.  Please stay safe and stay home during this trying time for all of us.  Together we will get through it.