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School Window Graphics

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An Ideal Product for Your School!

Our sister company Ikonik Graphix, creates amazing window graphics using graphics window material is for the most part a one-way viewable perforated film that can be mounted on either interior or exterior surfaces and allows for some light to shine through the graphics. An image is printed on the front of the material and the backside is pre-colored in black – the image can be seen from the outside but the black side can be seen from the inside. Ikonik Graphix school window graphics are the perfect solution for window wraps and door wraps that need to add branding and sponsorship space without compromising visibility.

The options for window graphics, window wraps, and door wraps are truly endless and are an easy way to make a big impact at your facility and add safety at the same time.

Maximize the window space at your facility with our custom designed window graphics. Window graphics, along with window wraps and door wraps,are a great way to visually enhance the blank and empty space created by windows and doors. Use window graphics to provide safety to your facility with allowing students and facility to see out, but those on the outside will have minimal ability to see in the building.   
Welcome fans to your facility on exterior doors, ticketing windows, interior glass, and more. Our window graphics will definitely make your school stand out from all of the surrounding schools.
Ikonik Window Graphics are an ideal product for one-way visibility. This adhesive backed material has a perforated dot pattern that allows print surface for graphic readability outside with minimal restrictions on light transmission and window viewing from the inside. This makes it the perfect choice for school entrances.  Price is determined by size and design time.  Contact us at or 574-870-0197.  We will help you create an amazing school entrance like no other.


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