Screen Printed Shirts

The pricing of screen printing is based merely on the number of colors used in (CMYK) to produce the design. Screen printing requires more efforts as each and every color requires separate screens. The more the number of colors in your designs, the more screens (stencils) and more effort. Screen printing adds life to the t-shirts and is thus preferable option when it comes to printing and is a bit less expensive than direct to garment. Screen printing is a technique which involves making design color by color on the t-shirt. At Hometown Shirts, we ensure to not only meet but exceed your expectations. T-shirts are the best way to improve the loyalty of your brand and the moment you give something to your customers that is free and usable, you earn their trust!  Here are a few samples of some of the shirts we have done.  Don't have a company logo or brand yet?  No problem we will help you create a design that will set you aside from all your competitors.  Feel free to contact us at 765-564-3066 or