S Mask Hook

S Mask Hook

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The S hook is a great hook for both men and women.  These masks hooks help so much with ear breakdown that most are starting to struggle with in the medical field.  If you would like to donate to operating costs of making these hooks that we are donating we would greatly appreciate it.  Donation box is listed at bottom and also the main page for the hooks.

There is no costs for the hooks however there is no way for us to take off shipping without deleting it from other items in our store also.  

There is no charge for the hooks but please consider donating so we can continue to make these hooks to give out to those on the frontline.   We have a had people order a couple hundred and then turn around and sell them.  Yes, you heard me correct we donate the hooks to them and they turn around and sell them.  So with this happening we have decided we have to change our distribution or we will not be able to donate the hooks to those who really need them.   If you order over 50 hooks or more and don't donate we will be cutting orders back.  Sadly this is the only way we know to hopefully discourage people from selling them.    Thank you for your continued support, remember we are all in this together and we will beat this terrible pandemic together.

As of April 28, 2020 we have donated over 28,000 hooks.

Thank you so much for your donation.  We hope to be able to donate these until everyone has one that wants one.

We have also now added our logo on some of the hooks to try and keep people from selling them.  If someone tries to sell you one please contact us.